Summer Camp FAQs


During a week at camp, campers have the opportunity to buy snacks and drinks from our canteen twice a day.  All items are between 50 cents and $1, and they can get a maximum of 3 items each time.  We recommend putting $12-15 in an account for a week-long session and $6-8 for a three-day session.  For our Family camp sessions we do not create canteen accounts-you simply pay in cash.

Leftover money at the end of the week can either be spent, returned, or donated.  Each summer we collect donations for Lutheran World Relief, a charity that works with Lutherans and partners around the world to end poverty, injustice and human suffering.  Having your camper donate leftover canteen money can be an awesome way to help them experience what it looks like to share the love of Jesus by giving.

If your first choice session is full, registering online will add you to the waiting list for that session.  (You will not need to pay a deposit.)  If a spot becomes available you will be contacted by our office.  You may also register for a different session and switch into the wait list session if a spot becomes available.

If you cancel at least 14 days before your scheduled arrival, all but $25 of your deposit will be returned.  Within 14 days of your scheduled arrival no refunds will be granted except in cases of illness or injury and family emergencies.

Yes!  Scholarship are available to help with the cost of camp. We want EVERYONE to be able to come to camp, regardless of financial situation. Click HERE for more information and to download an application.


We serve 3 excellent, well-balanced meals each and every day. Our menu is designed to be kid-friendly. In addition to what is served at each meal, we always have cereal and bagels available at breakfast and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches available at lunch and dinner. If you have any specific questions regarding allergies or unique dietary requests, please contact our cook, Elizabeth Brown, or call our office (812-342-4815) before your camp session.

You can find all this information on the Arrival/Departure page, as well as a description of what you need to know for check-in and information about our closing program at the end of the week.

Packing lists for each camp session can be found by downloading your sessions Camp Information Form, found on the Forms page.  This form can also be accessed through your online account once you register.  Temperatures at camp tend to range from the mid 70s to mid 80s during the day, and drop to the 60s at night.  It also tends to rain quite a bit, so packing some extra socks and a rain jacket is a good idea.  In general, don’t bring anything that you mind getting dirty, and make sure to label everything with your camper’s name.

Your camper will sleep in a cabin that has bunk beds and is air conditioned.  All our cabins are separated by gender.  Campers will share a common shower/bathroom area that is located by their cabin.  Our summer staff and junior staff stay in the cabins with the campers at night so that they are supervised 24/7.

At Lakeview Villages, campers stay in Village Clusters, made up of 4 cabins.  Each cabin houses either 6 campers and a counselor, or 5 campers and a junior-counselor.  In total, a Village community is made up of 22 campers, 2 counselors, and 2 junior counselors. 

Campers spend their day with their cabin/village group.  Our staff are intentional about creating a strong community in the cabin/village so that everyone makes friends with the rest of their cabin and feels like they belong.


A week of camp includes worship, games, outdoor time, yummy meals, community building, campfires, playing in the lake, and more.  You can view a Camp Lakeview sample schedule HERE and a Lakeview Villages sample schedule HERE.


You can email your camper HERE.  Emails will be printed off and delivered to campers at mealtimes.  During check-in time you can drop off letters and packages to be delivered during the week.  Regular mail can also be sent to the following addresses:

(Your child’s name)                    (Your child’s name)
c/o Camp Lakeview                    c/o Lakeview Villages
13500 W. Lake Road                  13501 W. Lake Road
Seymour, IN 47274                    Seymour, IN 47274

Make sure to allow enough time for the postal service to deliver while your camper is at camp!


Our goal is to make sure that every camper has a positive experience here.  As such we take homesickness very seriously.  We find that the best prevention is simply to keep campers busy and active throughout the day; in addition our staff are trained in a variety of techniques to help campers work through homesickness.

Since you know your camper best, we will sometimes contact you and get your input when a camper is homesick, especially if their homesickness is more persistent or severe. We are able to help the vast majority of homesick campers work through it and enjoy their time at camp.

You can help combat homesickness even before camp starts!  Read Helping Kids Cope with Homesickness to learn what you can do now to help your child overcome any homesickness they may feel at camp.  Some basics: talk through what camp will be like before they come, don’t promise you will pick them up if they feel homesick, and be positive and encouraging in your letters and emails to camp.

Every member of our summer staff is trained to take the utmost care in keeping each camper safe.  In addition, we have a First Aid Coordinator whose sole responsibility is caring for sick or injured campers and a full-time staff member who is EMT certified.  If a camper sits out of normal activities for four consecutive hours or if they need professional medical treatment, we will always call you.  We will work together with you to determine if a camper should stay at camp or if it would be in their best interest to go home.

While we firmly believe that your camper will get the most out of their camp experience by being there for the whole time, we also recognize that sometimes life gets in the way.  If you need to drop off your camper or pick them up outside of our usual times, please call our office ahead of time to let us know.  We will make sure that someone is waiting to greet you and your camper when you arrive or that your camper is ready to go when you come to pick them up.

Our office number is 812-342-4815.


Each camper who attends a Camp Lakeview or Villages session receives a Photo DVD with a slideshow of camp photos taken during the week.  We also post pictures throughout the week on our Facebook page.

We keep all lost and found items until January 1st.  Call our office if you want us to look for something.  You can help us out by labeling all items brought to camp, checking to make sure you have everything before leaving camp, and notifying us as soon as you realize something is missing.  Lakeview Ministries is not responsible for lost items that cannot be located.

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