What Camps Have Openings? (2019)

OPEN = 10 or more spots available
CLOSE = Less than 10 spots available
FULL = No spots available

Updated June 12, 2019

Also check out our Summer 2019 Program Grid, to quickly see what camp sessions are available for a specific grade level.

Camp Lakeview: Classic Camp

June 16-21Classic Camp 3Boys: FULLGirls: CLOSE
June 23-28Classic Camp 4Boys: FULLGirls: FULL
June 30-July 5Classic Camp 5Boys: FULLGirls: FULL
July 7-12Classic Camp 6Boys: FULLGirls: FULL
July 14-19Classic Camp 7Boys: FULLGirls: FULL
July 21-26Classic Camp 8Boys: FULLGirls: CLOSE

Camp Lakeview: Explorer Camp

June 30-July 2Explorer 1Boys: FULLGirls: FULL
July 3-5Explorer 2Boys: CLOSEGirls: FULL
July 28-30Explorer 3Boys: OPENGirls: OPEN

Lakeview Villages: Village Camp

June 23-28Village CBoys: FULLGirls: FULL
July 7-12Village DBoys: CLOSEGirls: FULL
July 14-19Village EBoys: FULLGirls: CLOSE
July 28-Aug 2Village FBoys: OPENGirls: CLOSE

Lakeview Villages: Night Owl

June 16-21Night Owl ABoys: CLOSEGirls: FULL
July 21-26Night Owl BBoys: OPENGirls: OPEN

Lakeview Villages: Senior High Week

June 30-July 5Senior HighBoys: CLOSEGirls: FULL

Camp Lakeview: Weekend Programs

June 15-16Father/Son ACLOSE
June 22-23Mother/Daughter AFULL
June 29-30Tiny Tikes BCLOSE
July 13-14Father/Son BOPEN
July 20-21Mother/Daughter BOPEN
July 27-28Tiny Tikes CCLOSE
August 23-25Family FunFest AOPEN
Aug 30-Sept 1Family FunFest BOPEN